Pitch Perfect: How To Say It Right the First Time, Every Time: Library Journal Review

Have you ever said something you wish you could take back or rephrase? These slips of the tongue may be insignificant—but sometimes they have devastating consequences, especially in the business world. Here communications coach and Emmy Award-winning news correspondent McGowan (founder, CEO, Clarity Media Group) seeks to eliminate lost chances of perfect communication with “Seven Principles of Persuasion.”In this engaging, enlightening, and full-of-practical-advice text, McGowan calls out poor public speaking doctrine and replaces it with examples of better ways to persuade and communicate. The author breaks down clichés, targets meaningless industry jargon, and highlights simplicity and clarity. He describes how to sit or stand when addressing an audience and how to phrase your message in a way that instantly hooks listeners. His principles aren’t limited to addressing crowds but are applicable to small presentations, group meetings, moderating panels, and more. Indeed, the advice extends beyond the workplace. McGowan’s methodology is accessible—simply reading the book reduces the ubiquitous fear of public speaking to a tolerable level and makes the prospect seem enjoyable. VERDICT While this title is beneficial for anyone looking to improve their communication skills and advance professionally, it is essential for executives or professionals in environments where public speaking or pitching ideas is routine.

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